Concept: New Generation City Hotel
Location: Anywhere
Area: 1500-6000 sqm
Capacity: 50-200 rooms
Infrastructure: 24/7 Lobby bar, 100% Free Wi-Fi, 100% Service guarantee

Hotelean is a new generation hotel: stay in Scandinavian Style with minimum impact on environment and on your budget. The hotel is suitable for smart travellers who spend most of their time outside the hotel room, in the lobby or about town, be it on business or leisure.
The hotel concept couples timeless, functional design and latest technology for lean hotel operations allowing us to maximise guest experience, owners profit and operators revenue. Guaranteed rent is paid for a period of 20 years to the hotel owner by the operator, UMACO.
We are currently looking for locations for Hotelean hotels. Contact us if you are interested in knowing more: