Katerina City Krasnodar

Concept: Business Hotel and Office complex
Location: Krasnodar, Russia
Complex area: 18 640 sqm
Capacity: 168 rooms, 9 apartments
Office area: 5 000 sqm
Infrastructure: Restaurant, 2 bars, fitness center, conference halls
Development: 2007 - 2008, concept & 1st stage project development
Exit: • Investments in Project - 2,5 million USD
• Sold to Investor - 7,5 million USD


Katerina City Krasnodar is a business class hotel, combined with modern office space. The model for the project is Moscow business hotel Katerina City. The unique concept of the integrated hotel and office space is created by UMACO in cooperation with Sweco Avista. The idea to combine hotel-apartment area with office spaces, offering a rentable area, was confirmed by UMACO’s market searching in the region. By the end of 2007 UMACO started all necessary preparations for the construction process. In 2008 the project was given to the private owner for further development. 


Katerina City Krasnodar Katerina City Krasnodar Katerina City Krasnodar Katerina City Krasnodar