Katerina City Yelabuga

Concept: Multifunctional hotel-residential complex
Location: Multifunctional hotel-residential complex
Complex area: 12 000 sqm
Capacity: 77 rooms, 28 apartments, 1 penthouse
Infrastructure: Restaurant, bars, fitness center, conference halls, club room
Development: 2007, concept and development


Katerina City Yelabuga is continuing UMACO’s creation of the national hotel chain under Katerina brand name in investment attractive Russian regions. UMACO researched the local market and offered to investor the project of integrated complex with hotel and apartment opportunities, which became the first similar commercial real estate project in Yelabuga town as well as in Tatarstan Republic. UMACO acted as the author and developer of the project.


Katerina City Yelabuga Katerina City Yelabuga