Katerina Infra

Concept: Business Hotel
Location: Cities over 500K
Area: 15 000 sqm
Capacity: 150 rooms
Infrastructure: Restaurant, bar, fitness center with saunas and gym, 8 conference rooms

Katerina Infra is a mid range hotel brand aimed at business and leisure travelers. 
Katerina Infra delivers an optimized environment for business guests with the comfort demanded by today’s discerning international traveler.
The hotel concept is couples intelligent functional design with a fresh, innovative approach to client centred service.    
Guaranteed monthly rent for a period of 20 years is paid to the hotel owner by the operator, UMACO, a unique feature in the Russian Hotel Market.
We are currently looking for locations for Katerina Infra hotels. Cities of high business activity, with over 500K inhabitants are target

Katerina Infra Katerina Infra