Katerina Iris Congress Hotel

Concept: Congress Hotel
Location: Moscow
Complex area: 5000 sqm
Capacity: 195 rooms, 44 apartments
Infrastructure: Restaurants, 2 bars, fitness center with swimming pool and saunas, business center with 10 conference halls
Development: 2001-2002
Exit: Consulting service: expert evaluation of the object and market environment, development of a new concept and repositioning the hotel to the market, improving of the financial and economic results of the object’s performance 


Work on optimizing the business performance of the Katerina Iris Congress hotel from December 2001 to July 2002 was one of UMACO’s very first consulting projects, in modern Russia, concerning management of hotel real estate in the interests of a proprietor. Before UMACO came along a task of increasing efficiency and improvement of financial and economic results of performance was responsibility of the management. For optimizing the performance of the hotel complex, an overall expert evaluation was carried out. In the market there was again found to be a competitive hotel enterprise, satisfying the modern hotel concepts of businessmen.