UMACO presented the innovative concept of the conference floor at the Katerina Park hotel



July 29, 2010 UMACO Group of companies presented an innovative conference floor at Katerina Park hotel. The main customers in the event-industry – business companies and mice-agencies representatives met to rate this unique concept and convenience of the new site for various events in the south of Moscow. 
Three conference rooms of 320 square meters and a capacity of up to 240 people with unique features and interior, as well as specially-designed and executed relax-zone (54 sq.m) is suitable for coffee breaks and banquets were presented to the guests. 
The concept of conference rooms in Katerina Park, developed by UMACO, is distinguished by an innovative approach to the construction of space and provided opportunities. Rooms and coffee break area are multifunctional. With the latest technology and carefully thought-out details you can literally transform the space and carry out all types of events: from business training and business meetings to banquets, exhibitions and activities in non-standard format requiring special conditions (for example: yoga or psychological seminars). 

"With the 12 years of experience in organizing and caring of business and private events in Katerina hotels, we know in practice what and how visitors use during conferences as well as all types of celebrations, what they need during work or leisure", - said Katerina Cronstedt, the Managing Director of UMACO Management.  

- That's why our goal in creating the conference floor in Katerina Park was to maximize the functionality of each element in space. Every detail, from the model of sound system that makes available audio and video in any part of even the largest of our halls, "Bjork" (128 sq. m. ), to convenient shelves in the corridor, where guests can put their notes or to place a coffee cup, has a practical purpose and provides maximum comfort. 

The multifunctional convince at Katerina Park’s conference areas is added with a special atmosphere offering an inspiration and energy during a long day of meetings.

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