Katerina Hotels chooses Serviator


In April, Katerina Park Hotel Moscow launched the innovative mobile system Serviator by Hoist Technology to simplify working process for the back office staff at the hotel. 

Serviator is the newest product by Hoist Technology AB, a Swedish company, one of the world leading developers in technological system solutions and services for hotels. The system covers easy control and fast managing of the internal hotel department’s work. It is actively applied in Europe, especially in Scandinavian countries. 

Serviator provides an on-line real-time information about hotel’s activities. The system runs on mobile applications iPad via Wi-Fi connection, which Katerina Park hotel is fully equipped. 

The hotel staff can send and receive information directly from the system's database, where all departments can see it and response immediately. Now staff receives information faster, for example: what rooms need to be cleaned in first hand, what room needs to replace light bulb, where to bring extra pillow or slippers and etc. 

Serviator significantly simplifies the daily routine processes, increasing efficiency and speed of the staff actions for the providing a high quality service to guests. 
Katerina Park is the 1st hotel in Moscow where the mobile back office system has been launched.